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14 books on the way posted by Lady Allysin

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More treasures involving the things I enjoy.


Went to the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con and submitted many books. TMNT #1 3rd Print #3 & #4 1st Prints. Dark Shadow by Gold Key issues 6-10, Man from U.N.C.L.E. #3, Hogan's Heroes 5 & 9, Blitzkreig #1, Brave & The Bold #200 and Amazing Spider-Man #102 in German. They should be back sometime In September. Now for the long wait :).


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Hi Lady Allysin!


It's always a pleasure to read other collector journals regarding their excitement in anticipation of receiving their raw submissions graded from the CGC! I hope you receive the grades you are hoping for and that they are nicely centered and displayed without any "newton effect" that I have been reading about! Moreover, like Every Day A Story shared above, hopefully they will return into your hands before Septemeber, which I feel like they will! :-)


Take care and best wishes with your collecting journey!


-Professor Pecora



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