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Update on my 1st new holder


My first new holder came back with a very wavy book inside. I contacted Brittany McManus and was told to return the comic to her. It was written in as a mechanical problem. The comic returned today looking fine! No waves whatsoever, also no newton rings! If any of you still have books that are wavy, send them back. You can contact Brittany at:

She also offered a direct refund to my credit card or an account credit, whichever you choose.


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I just received 10 of my books back that were re-holdered from new holder v1.0 into the new holder v2.0. All were originally showing significant Newton effect and waves to varying degrees.


8 of them are now lying perfectly flat in their new inner well equipped holders, which is very gratifying. 2 of them look absolutely perfect, no distortion of any kind. 4 or 5 of them do show some contact spots between the inner well and outer holder, but its limited to the back covers and I can live with that. It's also something I think will be eliminated as the process is fine tuned. The Newton effect can also be induced on several at the correct angle in the light, but that was also possible on the old holder design, so again no complaints there.


Biggest issue - 2 books are still showing waves, one of which looks even worse than when I first sent it out. I'm not going to blame the new holder for this since it's likely a QC or pressing issue, but they'll certainly be going back (again) with my second batch of re-holders.


Like richard, I've been working with Brittany throughout this process and she's been absolutely awesome.

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