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Any Thoughts on This One Gang... Deal? thumbsup2.gif or Overpriced? 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


Eerie #2 CGC 9.8 Frazetta Cover Highest Grade in Census


By the way, this one is going to be TOUGH to quantify. Since they are just so damn hard to find, that they rarely go on the block.


Gothic Romances #1 - CGC 9.6 - 1 Day Left - Bids at $1, 000+



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YOWZA!!!!!!!!! Linky


Yes definitely Yowza. If everyone could when they post links, do it as a URL function that the forum provides, so that you can also put in a description of the link (since after time links go dead). This is just a way to keep a legit history of the items...such as this:


FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND #1 - CGC Graded 9.4 -- $11,611.00





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Came Across 2 others. What is intriguing about this one is that 5 bidders were there to hold up the prices of these down to $41 I'm seeing some good things here with Raw books!


Weird Tales of the Macabre #1 NM+ 9.6 Seaboard 1975 -- $76


Weird Tales of the Macabre #2 NM+ 9.6 Seaboard 1975 -- $76




Jay you little bugger! haha! I dont think that you will have any issues getting 9.4/9.6's out of those. I was very happy with my books from JS. Elsa may have a bone to pick with you still on those though! Then looks like he got his CGC 9.4 Copy of #2 there for $201 above.

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I don't know about you but I was surprised at the prices realized for the following:


Ghoul Tales #1 CGC 8.5 Stanley pub 1970 -- $121.00

Horror Tales V2 #2 CGC 9.0 Eerie pub 1970 -- $122.50

Tales of Voodoo V3 #3 CGC 9.0 Eerie pub 1970 -- $122.50


Maybe I have been underestimating the demand for these books!


PS (I wanted the GT #1 also... frown.gif)


Ot of all those books, I only wound up with the 9.2 Vampi # 6 @ $92.51 which is a lot for me but not a bad price under guide (OPG $145 @ 9.2) IMHO.


Vampirella #3 CGC 9.0 Warren pub 1970 -- $561.00

On a personal note I was glad to see this pull some big bucks as I think my copy from Doug Sulipa is nicer! devil.gif


Congrats to Blazingbob for a good haul!

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Another very successful round of CGC graded magazines from blazingbob ended over the weekend. Here is a recap of some of the highlights...I wanted that Ghoul Tales #1 frustrated.gif


I wonder who got that book confused-smiley-013.gif




Straight up Trade...Ghoul Tales #1 CGC 8.5 for Rare Dracula Mag. #1? confused-smiley-013.gif... 893crossfingers-thumb.gif




Reply to my PM o' busy one! sign-rantpost.gif




-b crazy.gifunty

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Jay, a lot of people have underestimated the value of these books for a LONG time. Most not realizing the true scarcity of them in VF 8.0 and better. Sulipa has said it all along; these books are scarce in strict VF and higher. And I have quoted him on that more times than I can count.


I'll tell you one thing that I'm suprised about, is the fact that I can't get these f*ers for cheap anymore! 27_laughing.gif I was hoping on getting a handful of these, but prices went above most of my snipes.


That Ghoul Tales #1 is shaweet. Been looking for one for quite some time. I'll just have to wait for that Nice raw copy to come along sometime within this next decade. I think that was a decent deal on that Vampi #6. It's got a tough black cover, and a 9.2 NM- sure is sweet. Under guide...I say thumbsup2.gif


On a side note I went ahead and compiled some research that I had talked about a little bit before. I wanted to find out the average grade for Skywald, Eerie Pub. and Stanley Pub. books submitted thus far. Below you will see a spread sheet grid that breaks out Quantity of Books graded per Specific Grade per Title (not per issue...that would have been a messy undertaking).



It is interesting to see that the majority of the Skywald books are graded at the 8.5-9.0 range, majority of the Eerie Pub books in the 8.0-9.0 range, and the Majority of Stanley's in the 9.0 range (though the lower submittal for Stanley I think skews it to the high end). With the average book across all 3 of these lower distribution publishers coming in at VF 8.0-8.5


53 Skywalds, 54 Eerie Publications and 17 Stanley Publications have been graded thus far for a total of 124 books from these publishers. With Stanley only having 17 books graded and an avg. of 8.92, it skews the norm a little bit, for I think that as more Stanley's get graded it will lower this average closer to 8.5


Here is my stance on the situation and one that I find very interesting. When people submit books to CGC, they obviously submit the books that they feel will grade the Highest correct...or the nicest in their inventory? In addition, I feel that the majority of books that are represented in say the first year of a magazine census (yes its been a year), are most likely some of the highest grades that collectors/investors have been able to get their hands on to submit. With all this said, I find it very remarkable that the average grade on these books are in the 8.0-8.5 range. I mean if you look at the table many people got back 6.0-7.5 copies probably thinking that they were 9.0 books confused-smiley-013.gif


There will definitely be more 9.2 and 9.4's to pop up in the future and some 9.6's as well. But I'll tell you what. You take the number of 9.2, 9.4's and 9.6's that show up over the next 2 years, and I bet at least double that number will also only get a 7.0-8.5 . Which will most likely keep these averages on a slightly declining average. I think that as more collectors start to submit thier books they will find that thier issues that have been read carefully 3 times and stored without a bag an board (common for magazines), in basements stacked horizontal in boxes will most likely be VF copies. And to tell the truth, this is how most magazine collectors stored their books. When you compare this to how comic collectors stored thier stuff during the same time period it is a huge difference. Most comic collectors during this time had ready access to bags, boards and boxes built for comic storage. Which is why a lot more bronze is graded in the 9.2+ arena. Much of what is currently graded (for these 3 publishers) I think is from, people who obviously already know about the scarcity of these books, and the best copies that they have in thier inventory.


All in all it is still early to tell. In my oppinion I think that the following breakdown is about right:


9.6/9.8 from (Skywald, Eerie Pub. or Stanley) = 9.9 or Gem Mint Warren Book

9.4 from (Skywald, Eerie Pub. or Stanley) = 9.8 Warren Book

9.2 from (Skywald, Eerie Pub. or Stanley) = 9.6 Warren Book

9.0 from (Skywald, Eerie Pub. or Stanley) = 9.4 Warren Book

8.5 from (Skywald, Eerie Pub. or Stanley) = 9.2 Warren Book


So far I have not seen these prices realized for these Specific grades because still there are not enough collectors out there that understand the scarcity. But when you do a breakdown on pure copies available in specific grades, you will see that there are far less than that offered by many Warren books during the same era's. This is not at all a knock on Warren, for it is VERY difficult to get a NM+ 9.6 book, even a NM 9.2 is tough. But in pure comparison, it is much, much harder to get a similair grade from any one of the 3 publishers listed above, when compared to similiar Warren books.




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Hello all,


I just started to collect CGC 9.4 + comic horror magazines...


I consider them very undervalued if you look at how many in high grade are out there...


I wish I would of remembered to bid on that 9.4 Tales of Zomibie #1 on ebay-it closed at $256.00


thats a steal in my book.....

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Hey Bounty...let's keep this info to ourselves... gossip.gif


No, seriously that is some great research you've done. Very interesting and I pretty much agree. Also agree with how most mags were stored as I remember visiting some old comic shops in the day that happened to carry back issues of mags and they were always treated as junk next to the precious comics. Stacked as you say, horizontal with the weight of the stack just popping the staples from at least the bottom 2 books along with other damage that occured without having the protection of a bag n board! I even remember one place that had them tied up in bundles with twine! 893whatthe.gif

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Recently purchased Creepy 1 GCG 9.2 for $199 & was left with the feeling I overpaid - thoughts?


Hard to say, that is considered a common book but recently with the premiums realized for these graded mags that might be a fair price for a 9.2. I don't think it was a steal...but fair.

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