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Recent additions and some random thoughts. posted by Rockblazer

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Recent auctions- when to hang it up and a pet peeve of mine.


I was browsing the various sellers and auction sites Monday night July 25th and checked out Comiclink's focused auction which was starting to close over the next few days.

I noticed that the number one Registry set of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was up on the block for Wednesday night. I've had the number two set for a number of years now. This set has a number of Gary Dalberg's Twin Cities copies in it. Most are 9.8's with white pages. These of course were going off after 11:30 pm which is three hours past my bedtime. I get up for work at 3:45 am each day. I do better on Comiclink when I am present so I set my alarm for 11 pm to bid on them.

I did a little better than I expected getting an issue 3 and three of the Twin Cities. Which were numbers 4,5, and 8.

I have already received them ( which is quick for Comiclink ) and am waiting for CGC to approve them for my set.

Which brings me to my pet peeve which is the naming of pedigree collections. I think the person who amassed such collections needs to have his name attached to the collection like Edgar Church or Gary Dalberg. What bothers me are collections which the person who built it is not mentioned in the title. I know some don't want their name attached or some collections we don't know who the collector was but we should honor that person by naming the collection after them.

Let me know your thoughts on this. On when to stop collecting I had planned on when I retire probably at 66 years old. I'm 57 now but my wife had two health scares this year. (She's back healthy again) but I offered to give it up so she could reap the benefit of selling my collection but she does not want me to stop anytime soon so I'll keep plugging away. Below are my recent pickups.



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That's a beautiful collection!


Just a couple of random thoughts -- you should keep collecting for as long as you find it fun and enjoyable (and have the funds to allocate of course). I've taken a few breaks over the years (one which was about 20 years long, haha) when life took me down one path or another and I just didn't have the time, energy or $$$ to make it enjoyable.


As far as naming collections -- I think it would be a nice thing to honor the names of the people who put together the best historical sets of comic books. However, as you mentioned, in this age of intrusion on privacy, many people are very sensitive about their personal information being spilled out all over the web. At the end of the day, probably the best thing would be to make it optional for the collector's name to appear alongside the pedigree (per the person's or surviving families wishes).


Thanks again for posting and congrats on the additions!

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