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School's out...

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Cool book and signature Matt!


I was born in October of 1978, so I was literally only 1 year old at the time of its publication ;-)


It's definitely a very diverse book from your Wolverine and X-Men books!


Hope everything is well on your end bro.


-Professor Pecora

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Thanks buddy, I've been trying to branch out a little more this year by picking up some keys from other titles. This one is more of a cool novelty than a key, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity once Alice's appearance at this spring's Chiller Theatre Expo was announced.


One concert I'll always be disappointed in missing out on was his 2007 tour with the Ronnie Dio line-up of Black Sabbath (they may have called themselves Heaven and Hell at the time, but they were obviously still Black Sabbath). The timing for that one didn't work out unfortunately, but I got to see Sabbath 3 times before Ronnie left us far too early.

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