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CGC and the New Case

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Or Let's forget about Surfing


There has been so much said about the new case and the waves it created. My problem with the new case is totally different. CBCS has their case, PGX has theirs. And then there is Halo and Vault. The case is essential to the collector, or at the very least it is to this collector.


In 2007 I immersed myself back into the comic book world and picked up my first two CGC graded comic books. They were both blue label books, one was a 9.8 (eventually I sold this one) and the other was a 9.0 (which I still have). These labels were after the red labels and showed the numeric grade quite dominantly on the left hand side. Every single New Mutants issue I own have these labels, whether they are blue (universal) or (yellow) they are a complete set.


Out of the original 107 issue set (CGC has since added a few) I had 106. The 107th one I need is issue 58. Only one currently exists in 9.8. The problem is that when a second one arises and I get it, the label and slab will be different than the other 106 books in my set. As a completist I'll be happy to have them all. This of course is before they added the multiple prints and summer special that are part of the current set.


So what am I to do? Can I get a 58 and trade it with the only one in the new old label? Will bagofleas do that? Or do I just submit them all for the new label? And then what about my original set? Do I continue to get CGC to grade them, or CBCS since I just recently used them to get Jim Shooter and Tom Mandrake?


If it comes down to a choice of either purchasing a new label or the old label, I will choose the old label and the only reason for this is my OCD tendencies.


Thanks for reading


PS. Photo of New Mutants Annual 2 was cracked for signatures and the old new label.



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Completely understand the ocd on the label aspect of collecting I have more new cases than old cases with the run of ASM I started so now I have to send about 15 in to fix that issue. And on top of that I have about 10 from a submission I need to send in to get the wave fixed on the books.

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Great to see you posting on the boards again. Will you be in Baltimore next week? Dinner with your bro' and others?


As a collector, we all have OCD tendencies. Channeling them is the key. Don't sweat the label. Why reholder when that money can be budgeted for the new books added to the set or saved in a rainy day/family vacation fund?


Keep the quest alive for that elusive NM58 9.8 and issue a call to arms for other knights to help you on this grail hunt. I've seen about a dozen copies (including 5 of my own) and no 9.8 candidates. Do use CGC so you can add it to the registry to complete the set.




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i'll point this out even though it has nothing to do with what your talking about


2nd+ prints don't count towards a run if you don't care about them


once i have the uncanny x-men run i'll be done, i don't consider the 2nd+ prints as part of it so there will be none. same for SiP run i'm working on, no 2nd+ prints........just bc cgc has them there means nothing, and why should it matter if others consider it part of the run if you yourself don't


i'll say personaly i don't count price varients either but will pick them up since they're hard to get. 2nd+ prints i've got maybe 15 in my 11k collection......no intrest in them what so ever and will only grab them if they are super cheep so i can flip them

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Good stuff Tnerb. I feel you about the need for the labels to all look the same but I don't plan on resubmitting any for the new new label unless I'm cracking for a signature. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow.

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