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Kraven's Last Hunt

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Another SS set completed!


This is the set I was really excited about. Found high grade copies of all the issues in Kraven's Last Hunt, and had Mike Zeck sign them at Phoenix Con this past June. Such an iconic story line and I love how they look in the new cases with their high grades and yellow labels. After rereading this story, I've become an even bigger fan of Kraven...ironic since he is no longer among the living...and I started picking up back issues with appearances he has made over the years. Such a great character.



Part 1 of 6

Web of Spiderman 31

I have found dignity, not in the cities, but in the jungle. I have found honor, not in the civilized, but in the primal. I have found morality, I have found the hunt. -- Kraven the Hunter


Part 2 of 6

Amazing Spiderman 293

So now I see through the Spiders eyes. I wear the Spiders skin. I crawl. Now...I am the Spider. -- Kraven the Hunter


Part 3 of 6

Spectacular Spiderman 131

I am the Spider. No...not the Spider. I AM KRAVEN! - Kraven the Hunter


Part 4 of 6

Web of Spiderman 32

TWO WEEKS! In the ground! In the grave! Dead! TWO WEEKS! - Spiderman


Part 5 of 6

Amazing Spiderman 294

After all these years, you surely know that Im a man of my word...and I give you my word...from this night forward, Kraven the Hunter...will never hunt again. -- Kraven the Hunter


Part 6 of 6

Spectacular Spiderman 132

But I cant let my fear stop me. God...please dont let it stop me. -- Spidermann



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I :cloud9: look back on the days where we had 3 really good Spidey titles every month.

It takes 6 months to get one decent book now :(


Web of Spidey was never all that good. However, I get your overall point.

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Thanks guys for all the comments! I picked up another high grade set recently that I really expect to do as well if not better than this set. Once I can get it signed and graded i will be selling one of the sets!

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