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Paul's Mission Impossible one shot brings us up to 1,325 confirmed APVs now:



It has the same barcode numbering as the US newsstand copy:

321432895_AUSBarcode.jpg.36be35b1e9ab9407ec95a12ed19a6966.jpg 812862283_USBarcode.jpg.4328772f7713a3c75fe85e1a4595303e.jpg

I'll update the journal pages later - maybe Paul has some others to post.



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On 9/20/2021 at 2:37 AM, Paul Nicholls said:

This Amazing Spider-Man 345 Is The first Double Cover of a Australian Price Variant I’ve ever seen 

That's a nice copy for sure, almost an artifact of sorts, it's unique enough :tink: 

Definitely a keeper :) 

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These three AUS Barkers are on eBay currently missing, as usual, the fourth issue:


There are three potentially missing issues across three of the four Barker titles:


Here are a few other books that have yet to materialise (there are others, but these stick out a bit):

Ghost Rider #30:


Night Thrasher Four Control #1:


Spider-Man 2099 #40:


Spectacular Spider-Man #239:


Sabretooth #2 and 4:


There's no reason that I can see why these issues wouldn't exist as AUS copies - each has a standard US newsstand copy (see below) and there are no obvious informative patterns as to why one or more of them may not have made the cut. 

gr30.thumb.jpg.9516f9bb2cb9d4b7c59676cab6e7ca56.jpg ntfc1.thumb.jpg.0994cfdb6401c79a14bf9d126ba15e97.jpg  sm209940.thumb.jpg.11d10d8b9c7e974d41c6aea3c2ff70ce.jpg


But the longer the absence goes on....


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On 12/8/2021 at 2:45 AM, TK2 said:

All, wanted to share this just back from CGC.  Always loved this cover! 

Wolverine 50 Australian Price Variant April 1991 signed by Marc Silvestri

Wolverine 50.jpg

(worship)     (worship)     (worship)     (worship)     (worship)

I got a half of a ham sandwich, an ENTIRE bag of Doritos, 8 jelly beans, a black toy poodle and a girlfriend that I will trade you.............oh, never mind ......... I just can't bring myself to trade the dog.


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On 11/22/2021 at 12:10 PM, Get Marwood & I said:

There are three potentially missing issues across three of the four Barker titles:



Two of the three missing Barkers have just turned up finally:


Hokum & Hex #4:

4.thumb.jpg.0f7e67c20f9b794d59035470caadebe6.jpg Lot.jpg.790dc531bb3b84ee0abc8d0fba475b1d.jpg

And Saint Sinner #3:

3.thumb.jpg.479f889e577cae085a0a203800bdc04e.jpg 1318735502_Lot1-3.jpg.dec696528c59ce662c850ce04e638729.jpg

I've seen a few sets of AUS Hyperkind 1-3's online, so maybe #4 doesn't exist?


Anyway, that brings us up to 1,327 confirmed Australian Price Variants now.


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