Frank Herbert's DUNE from Legendary Pictures (TBD)
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4 hours ago, RedRaven said:

I was a bit apprehensive when I read this as I am not keen to see much beyond the first book turned into a movie , however this is intriguing...


I’m glad they’re going this route of breaking up the first book into 2 films as this will allow them to incorporate more of the scope of the book without it feeling like 3+ hour slog in one film. 

And I agree that there does seem to be a natural place to break the book into 2 parts  

And also glad they’re not over-doing it and trying to make the first book into 3 films like Peter Jackson. 

Dune is a favorite book of mine, and I have a weird nostalgic attachment to the ‘84 film (I think Dune is one of the best Marvel movie adaptations)

Cautiously optimistic for this, but everything I’ve been seeing so far has me feeling better and better about this project. 

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WarnerMedia has given a straight-to-series order to Dune: The Sisterhood, a drama from Legendary Television based on Frank Herbert’s classic novel Dune and the popular sci-fi franchise it spawned.


The series is designed to co-exist with the Dune feature film, currently in production at Warner Bros., as part of Legendary’s comprehensive plans for Dune which also include video games, digital content packages and comic book series.


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8 hours ago, wombat said:

I had to share this awesomeoness and couldn't figure out where to post it. Anniversary gift from my wife. 




Your wife is awesome!

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2 hours ago, fett said:

when your son is being trained by Thanos and Conan, and then becomes allied with Anton Chigurh you know he is in good hands. :) great casting IMO. 

The casting is first rate.  I can't wait!

The spice must flow.

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6 hours ago, Number 6 said:

I’ve been looking for a reading copy of the 60’s Ace paperback for a reading copy but hadn’t found one I was really happy with condition-wise. 

Saw this at Barnes&Noble and decided to pick it up instead 

Inside of the jacket and endpapers are illustrated. Think I need to get the jacket in a cover though as it shows fingerprints real easy. 






That looks fantastic. :applause:

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