Batman and Me Personalized comic from 1994 - Rainblo Mail Away?
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39 minutes ago, Cpt Kirk said:

If anyone ever wants to sell one, please send me PM.  I think I'd pay at least $100 for one.

There are two of these currently on ebay. One graded.. Although they are asking a lot more for them. 

"Andrew Peterson Copy"


"Beth Levi Copy" 



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Here's my copy - bought this off Mile High back in 2013 - they'd just listed it and had no picture so I had to take a chance that it wasn't a version of the Bob Kane biography - there was just enough detail to say it was the comic and not the book. $160 but in the 50% off sale at the time so $80 - would have happily paid full price for this rare item - and I would have bid up and hopefully won  the copy the original poster listed but I didn't see the thread until after it was sold  - the outer mailer cover being intact would have made a nice upgrade 

Batman & Me.jpg

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