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First time CGCer has some questions. posted by HWW1971

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Please help I'm going bonkers not knowing !!!!!!!


Like I said I'm a first time CGCer. On my first round I sent in the most beloved of my collection. Its been 3 weeks and when I check my submissions its saying not available. Can anyone please tell me if this is the norm and how long it might take to get info.


Thank you all.


First time jitters.....


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If your shipment has been marked as "received", then it will just require patience. Sometimes orders will sit as received or verified for quite some time, but once they are marked scheduled for grading the process moves along pretty quickly. Depending on which tier you selected, it could take a few months.

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Patience my friend...You will need lots of patience.


Best thing to do is not look at all and wait for the email in 5 months that says your books have been shipped.


And then wait another week or so before they are shipped.

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