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This is the thread where you can request that issues or titles be added to existing sets in the CGC registry. (If you would like to request an entirely new set, please use 2017 NEW COMPETITIVE SET REQUEST)


Please list the EXACT TITLE OF THE SET you wish to expand in your post and the TITLE, ISSUE NUMBER, and VARIANT. It is preferable if you use the wording that is on the CGC label for title & variant. (Please note that books must be shipped from CGC and appear on our Census before they can be added to the registry)


Here are some examples:


Set: Howard the Duck (2016)

Book: Howard the Duck 1 Lim Sketch Cover

(Certification Number Optional)


Set: Skottie Young Cover Set

Book: Black Widow 1 Young Variant Cover

(Certification Number Optional)


If a book is being requested and there is a discussion or disagreement with the removal or addition of that book, then more time will be allowed for the discussion to take its course before the book is added or removed.


When the book has been added, I will respond to your post directly, so you know when the book is available. You will also be able to see whose request was filled last and how many request are left until yours.


If you have any questions, please contact me at: mdavis@cgccomics.com


Happy Collecting!



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Here is a list of the last 2016 Expansion Requests that I am currently working on:


Simpsons Bongo (Complete)

Bongo Comics Free-For-All nn (2014)

Bongo Comics One-Shots FCBD/One-Shot Wonders


If you made a request that has yet to be fulfilled and it is not listed here, please make another post in this thread with a hyperlink to your original post and I will fulfill it first.


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Unfortunately I have a big ask this year: DEADPOOL (Complete) will need some substantial updating.


Please add with variants:


Deadpool (2016) #1-22

Deadpool and Cable: Split Second 1-3

Deadpool and the Mercs for Money 1-5 (vol.1), 1-5 (vol.2)

Spiderman/Deadpool #1-11

Deadpool vs Gambit #1-5

Deadpool: Masacre #1

Death of Wolverine: Deadpool and Captain America #1

Deadpool vs Thanos #1-4

Deadpool vs. X-Force #1-4

Hawkeye vs Deadpool #0-4

Deadpool The Gauntlet #1

Deadpool Dracula's Gauntlet #1-7

Return of the Living Deadpool #1-4

Deadpool: Art of War #1-4

Mrs. Deadpool and the Howling Commandos #1-4

Deadpool: Last Days of Magic #1

Deadpool: Back in Black #1-4

Deadpool: Too Soon #1-2+


True Believers: Deadpool

True Believers: Deadpool - Deadpool vs. Sabretooth

True Believers: Deadpool Origins

True Believers: Deadpool The Musical

True Believers: Deadpool Variants

True Believers: Detective Deadpool

True Believers: Evil Deadpool

True Believers: The Groovy Deadpool

True Believers: The Meaty Deadpool

True Believers: The Wedding of Deadpool

True Believers: Uncanny Deadpool




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Hello Mollie, :hi:


Can you please expand the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol. 2 set through the most recent graded issue (which should be #15 when you get started). Please include the following variants and one-shots as well:


#12 Cosplay Variant

#13 Variant Edition

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: You Choose the Story #1



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Could you please add the following books to the Adam Hughes Cover Set?


Avengers & X-Men: Axis #9 (Marvel Comics, 2/15) Variant Edition

Betty and Veronica #v3 #1 (Archie Publications, 9/16)

Betty and Veronica #v3 #2 (Archie Publications, 1/17)

Supergirl: Rebirth #1 (D.C. Comics, 10/16) Variant Cover


Thanks very much!

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Please add:


set - Imperium

issue #7 Perez variant - 1326698023






set - X-O Manowar (1996)

issue #5 - 1373700007

issue #16 - 1372941012



and ( I saw the request for Bloodshot Reborn but thought I would add the following serial numbers for reference)


set - Bloodshot Reborn

issue #6 Lieber Variant 1372941014

issue #10 Lemire Variant 1209821009

issue #10 Larosa Sketch Cover 1209821008

issue #11 Level Variant 1372941024


Thank you very much!


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Hi Mollie:


Please add these to 'Jim Lee cover set':


Dark Knight III: The Master Race III 4 Lee Variant Cover

Dark Knight III: The Master Race III 5 Lee Variant Cover

Dark Knight III: The Master Race III 6 Lee Variant Cover

Suicide Squad (2016) #1-8

Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary Special #1



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Also requested Several months ago, added one since:


Please add these to the 'Dark Knight III: The Master Race III' set:


Dark Knight III: The Master Race III #4 (plus all variants)

Dark Knight III: The Master Race III #5 (plus all variants)

Dark Knight III: The Master Race III #6 (plus all variants)

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Also requested to add these several months ago- I think some got inserted in set, but many didn't:


Please add the following to the 'Marvel Copper Age 1st appearances' set:


Amazing Spider-Man 217 - 1st appearance of Mud-Thing


Amazing Spider-Man 344 - 1st appearance of Cletus Kasady (later becomes Carnage) and Cardiac


Daredevil 174 - 1st appearance of The Hand


Daredevil 176 - 1st appearance of Stick


Daredevil 188 - 1st appearance of Stone, Claw, and Shaft


Daredevil 227 - 1st appearance of Wesley


Guardians of the Galaxy (1990) 1 - 1st appearance of Taserface.


Incredible Hulk 271 - 1st comic book appearance of Rocket Raccoon


Marvel Super Hero Secret Wars 7 - 1st appearance of new Spider-Woman (Julia Carpenter)


Silver Surfer V3 44 - 1st appearance of the Infinity Gauntlet


Thor 344 - 1st appearance of Malekith


Thor 347 - 1st appearance of Algrim the Strong (later becomes Kurse)


Uncanny X-Men 148 - 1st appearance of Caliban


Uncanny X-Men 166 - 1st appearance of Lockheed


Uncanny X-Men 201 - 1st appearance of Cable as baby Nathan


Uncanny X-Men 211- 1st full appearance of Marauders


Uncanny X-Men 215 - 1st appearance of Stonewall, Super Sabre, and Crimson Commando


Uncanny X-Men 256 - 1st appearance of new Psylocke


Wolverine Limited Series 1 - 1st appearance of Yukio (in cameo)


Wolverine Limited Series 2 - 1st full appearance of Yukio


X-Men (1991) 1 - 1st appearance of Acolytes


X-Factor 15 - 1st appearance of the Horsemen of Apocolypse


X-Force 11 - 1st appearance of 'real' Domino


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Could you please add:



Harbinger Wars

- #2 Perger Variant Cover

- #3 Zircher Variant Cover



The Valiant

- #1 Dollar issue

- NN Trade Paper Back



Bloodshot (2012)

- #19 Variant Edition



Bloodshot Reborn

- #5 Kano Variant Cover

- #8

- #11



Ivar, Timewalker (2015)

- #1 Valiant Pullbox Preview: Ivar, Timewalker

- #3 Walsh Variant Cover

- #9 Barrionuevo Variant Cover



Archer & Armstrong (2012)

-#10 Pullbox Variant Cover

- #10 Waite Variant Cover

- #18 Walsh Variant Cover

_#18 Pullbox Variant

- #19 Pullbox Variant Cover

- #20 Walsh Variant Cover

- #21 Variant Cover

- #22

- #22 Walsh Variant Cover

- #25


Thank You!

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