Marvel Preview/Bizarre Adventures complete set

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I was rebagging some of my mags and came across my Marvel Preview set and thought I would snap some pics and share. 90% of these were pulled from quarter bins back in the mid to late 80's and the others I got for a buck or 2. 

Nothing real high grade here but #4 could be a F/VF or so. Anyway you can't complain when the whole set costs less than $10. Some great covers here from Starlin, Adams, Norem, Etc.
















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Well not that impressive when at the time these were not being sought out by collectors as everyone was into the next hot Indy comic, Byrne's Man of Steel, Dark Knight, etc. 

I remember a seller at a Con having about 50 boxes of Marvel, Atlas Seaboard, Warren and other mags 5 for a dollar and I was one of two or three people at his tables for over an hour. It was everywhere with little to no takers.

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Oh, I have a complete set of DHOKF, Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction, Masters of Terror,  Tales of Horror, Monsters Unleashed and a few others but I seem to have misplaced them except the DHOKF which are with my Marvel Previews. 

Most are readers from those bargain bins so not worth much.


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I haven't read most of these in 15 years or so but the Man-God issues stick out in my mind as really good reads. The Moon Knight story and that first Thor were okay too if memory serves.


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