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4 hours ago, lizards2 said:



Ha! I do like words made into one liz. My favourite (with a u) is 'mungry' as in 'I'm hungry'. Which reminds me, mungry ?????????

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This is what comics are supposed to look like! :cloud9:

I was struggling to find a decent image of this one online for the file, so thought I'd snag it at today's London Comic Fair for a mere two and a half of our Englandville Pounds.

No new finds though, so we're still stuck on 2,996 pence variants.


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dang - if you run into some HG pence Marvels, do let me know.

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9 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

Nice comic -con wall shot and  short box photo !

Was there a long line at the London -con? 

2996 variants is a lot - WOW !


They let you in early at 11:00 if you pay a fiver now. That gives you one hour of relatively free browsing.  Then at 12:00 the flood gates open and the cast of Troy descend making it difficult to move or look at anything. I managed three hours in total. You realise you're getting old when you let out a deep groan every time you (try to) get up from looking through boxes on the floor. I've been going for 30+ years. It used to be monthly, but now it's much less frequent. And though I still enjoy it, it has an air of dying out about it. Same old stock, same old dealers. But the walk through the back streets of London on a sunny day to get there is always an enjoyable break from the terrors of one's daily existence. And the last time I did it I met Michael C Hall on his way to the Bowie rehearsals. All I could manage was "Dexter rocks!" Not the type of language I would usually use and stunningly embarrassing, but there you go. All good fun. 

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On 4/23/2017 at 1:53 PM, Marwood & I said:

This is what comics are supposed to look like! :cloud9:

I was struggling to find a decent image of this one online for the file, so thought I'd snag it at today's London Comic Fair for a mere two and a half of our Englandville Pounds.

No new finds though, so we're still stuck on 2,996 pence variants.


Sweet looking Ka-Zar pence comic !! and for only 2 1/2 quid ? wow what a bargain !!

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3 minutes ago, Silver Surfer said:

How much is a quid? 

a pound - currently maybe:

1 British Pound equals

1.76 Canadian Dollar

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Yes ,i don't even really have much vested interest in Pence variants and i still really enjoyed this great thread !

and most all the threads that "Marwood and I " started and posted in,... he was a great addition to these boards and his posts were filled with lots of humor, fun and  good comic knowledge !!

unfortunately he was driven off these boards.

Driven off these boards by the same small group of contentious members that continuously and deliberately make cruel statements directly at individuals ,

This same small group has caused many potentially valuable, contributing members to leave this chat board in just my few short years here''

and has caused many, many others to have to be continuously on guard 

Marwood and I ...  his genuineness and his great board  presence and contributions ,..... are deeply missed.......................

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Hello Pence Friends!

Having bored you all into a comicoma (good name for a shop that hm) with my Marvel Pence Price Variant ramblings, I thought I’d punish you all further and do the same for DC. Dive in here, if you dare:

Back to Marvel. You may recall I was stuck on 2,996 Pence Variants. Well, owing to ticking off a few new finds from the missing list, and the discovery that I’d counted the Hulk issues wrongly, we have finally broken the 3,000 comics barrier!

I now have evidence of 3,001 Marvel Pence Price Variants! :headbang::headbang::headbang:



Accordingly, here is my updated ‘Missing List’ – a summary of the issues which I believe may still exist as pence copies.



I’m fairly confident that the remaining issues of Gunsmoke Western exist as pence copies. They turn up so infrequently, and it’s a waiting game, but when they do appear it’s a real thrill. Here’s my latest addition, Gunsmoke Western #74. It’s the only pence copy I’ve seen in 800 years (about the same amount of time I spent training Jedi coincidentally):


Aint she purdy :cloud9:

So, check your copies please, and report back any new ones from the Missing List.

I’m starting to think that the missing TOS / TTA copies don’t exist. If you line them up side by side like so:



…you can see a kind of a pattern. The likelihood is that the missing issues were not solicited but I remain hopeful that one or more will turn up. It would be great if someone could discover some actual old solicitation records to put these question marks to bed, but it may be that we never know (part of the reason that I post here on these boards is in the hope that a clued up old timer will spot this and have some answers).

So, that’s it for now but please do dive in if you have any of the missing issues, or have any thoughts on what may or may not exist.


Until then, a few more pretty pence comics that I picked up on my travels to brighten your centsless lives:




P.S. It was interesting comparing the DC pence approach to Marvels' – quite a lot of differences. Apart from the obvious time frame differences DC only used 3 prices, never solicited over size copies and never made any changes other than the cover price. Marvel’s pence copies are so much more varied and interesting. They're my favourites :headbang:

See ya pardners! 

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A rainy Sunday trip to London, to look for pence variants :headbang:


Out of the station...


....past the book shop...


...hmmm, nice books...


...over the bridge...


...nice view...


...past the imposing old lights...


...past the antique shop...


...up to the comic shop...

20170513_130639.thumb.jpg.c20504128cdbf4a21b4c6ca0d0854dac.jpg and spoils...

20170513_133617.thumb.jpg.289c3ea11c9a19f598714711e53d89d9.jpg a lovely view...


...back on the tube...


...jump out at Notting Hill...


...another shop...


...home with the spoils...



What else can we do on a Sunday? :cloud9:


Edited by Marwood & I
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On 2017-4-23 at 7:04 PM, Marwood & I said:

The high grade 9d Strange Tales #75 (first pence copy produced for that title) was a little out of my price range.

Which is a shame, because who wouldn't want a 9d Taboo!



A few more from the Royal National Hotel. I'm not the best photographer in the world, but you get the drift. 






What a beautiful array of specimens in that last picture above. Comics aint bad either! :wink:

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