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I have also identified most of the comics that appear in photographs in the article (for example, the girl pictured above has a copy of Haunt of Fear #19 in her lap) .  If there's interest, I'll be glad to post those as well.



Please do!

+1 Very interesting stuff.

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7 hours ago, Sqeggs said:

+1 Very interesting stuff.

Happy to oblige.  

I suppose without the Blue Beetle 54 photos, this one doesn't really belong in a thread about nice racks.  But since I have the very kind permission of the OP, I'll continue with the digression...

The first page of the article (p. 50 of LHJ) shows a kid reading a comic book.



He's reading Justice Traps the Guilty V6#12 (September, 1953)


Next to him are a few books. 

There's Young Love V5#7 (September, 1953)



And also Racket Squad in Action #8 (August, 1953)



I believe there's another book on top of the Racket Squad, starting just below its logo and covering up the very bottom of the logo, but I can't see enough of it do have an idea of what it is.

On page 52 of the article, there's this image of a 1948 comics rack.  Come to think of it, I guess it means this post does belong in a thread about nice racks.  

I've seen this photo a number of times; there are copies of it in Wertham's files in at least two different versions:  this photo, and another of Wertha perusing the rack's contents.  

Some time ago I identified most of the books in this rack.  I'll see if I can dig that info out another time.


So on to page 53, which has this photo.


The girl is reading 

Crime and Justice #15, page 15 (September, 1953)




On her lap, we have Haunt of Fear #19 (May-June, 1953).  When you look at the photos of "kids with comics" in the article, HOF 19 seems to be the only comic photographted that does not fit with the August/September, 1953 timeframe of the others.  Because this book is dated May-June, 1953, and this book also has an illustration in SOTI, my speculation is that for the photo shoot of kids, perhap the photographer just grabbed a handful of books off the local newsstand, but Wertham contributed the HOF #19 from his own collection.  



That's the last one I've been able to identify. 

Below are a couple I don't know yet. 

My best guess is that this also comes from an August-September, 1953 book, but I haven't figured out which one.


Then there's that partial book by her knee... First word has an "O" as perhaps the second letter, and then there's another word with "LO".   It's not Modern Love, but I don't know what it is yet.



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On ‎12‎/‎12‎/‎2017 at 6:55 PM, nnaid said:

I love this discussion of comic racks. I have four old comics racks- two "Hey Kids" spinner racks (a 4-sided and 5-sided), and a "Hey Kids" flat rack, but my favorite is a Marvel Comics rack that I recently found. I thought the people following this post might like to see it.





Love it!

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Discovered a new kind of Dell comic rack.  Probably dates to 1940s.  Would have had wood dividers on the shelves creating 3 slots for comics (you can still see grooves):


Also discovered a new dell paperback rack:


And here's what I think is a late Dell comic rack, probably 1960s:


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