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Horror & Slasher Flick Comics Tribute - Freddy Krueger's Nightmare on Elm Street Magazine Marvel

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Thought that this was an important thread to create. I'm definitely a product of the slasher flick. A little younger than many others that got to pick up early FM's and Warren's off the shelves, but none the less, still molded by horror.


Since Horror/Monsters were the first real genre to migrate to the Magazine format due to the comic code, it definitely paved the way for even the slasher flicks of the 70's and 80's till present.


So I'll start this off by posting the pretty tough to find Nightmare on Elm Street Magazine Mini-Series that Marvel put out in 1989. This set was unfortunately ended short at 2 issues. They even had the cover for Issue #3 in the 2nd issue, but just pulled the plug. Issue #2 I believe had a low print run, for it is much more tough to find than the 1st issue. And would make sense if the series was not doing well after the 1st issues sells.


Both of these books were blessed with Jusko painted covers cloud9.gif And I think that he truly did them justice....especially this first issue.




The Back cover to Issue #2 had a really sweet Sam Keith B&W Pencil of the Nightmare master Himself...




And the never printed Cover to the 3rd issue that was reviewed in Issue #2



-b insane.gifunty


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Well in the Copper Comic Forum we put in some sweet Slasher Flick comic related books. And many magazine heads out there are fans of the slasher, so they do go hand in hand to a certain extent.


None the less, feel free to check out some of the other Slasher Comic titles that have been posted such as: Jason VS. Leatherface Mini-series, Dr. Giggles, Halloween, soon to come, Army of Darkness and Leatherface books. Cool! thumbsup2.gif


Slasher Comics - Jason Friday the 13th - Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Halloween Micheal Myers etc.


-b cool.gifunty

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Alright Y'all I posted a group of really great Images and Commentary for the Best Slasher flick to ever grace Comics....The Leatherface Mini Series from Northstar, depiction of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies. Please take a look at it here in the Infinate Horror Thread there in the Copper Forum....


Warning, gruesome images to come!


-b devil.gifunty

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