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n2wdw's Tales of the Comic Book Room
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It's nice to have another O/C collector join the group.  I look forward to your future posts.  Also, if you don't already collect Dell Map Backs, they would fit your interest in maps as each paperback has a map on its back relevant to the story and the novels are from some of the most popular authors of the era like Christie, Stout, etc.  Welcome!

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7 hours ago, Robot Man said:

Awsome post n2wdw! Welcome over to GA. Love the room! Bet your wife doesn't go into it. My wife pretty much stays out of mine too. Keep your journal and posts coming over here. Love em!

Thanks R-Man, I'm happy to be here!  You're right, my wife doesn't often go into the comic room, but it's not because of all the girly stuff.  I don't play golf, gamble, etc., so she's okay with comics being my vice.

This is true even with this in the room:


This is, of course, Alice by J. Scott Campbell. Referring to the map, it's leaning against CB2 (CB stands for comic long boxes).


The poster is actually a blow up on foam backing I got from Shutterfly of this Campbell print:


I've always thought that Campbell's work (and other modern GGA artists, like Dave Stevens) resembles LB Cole.  Probably my favorite Cole cover is Popular Teenagers 5.


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CB2 and Toys

Upstairs in the CBR, I've marked "Toys" and "CB2" in the map. CB stands for long comic boxes.


To get upstairs, you go up this ladder.


When you get upstairs, right in front of you are Toys and the left side of CB2.  Toys is what I call a stack of mostly oversized Star Wars action figures and playsets and the DC Direct Super Friends set. The Star Wars toys are from the Power of the Force set, although in this area I also have a Rebel Fleet Transport and AT-AT from the original movies.


Here's a better view of Toys with the JSC Alice poster moved aside.  To the right of Toys are comic long boxes.  One of my collecting goals is to get every pre-Acclaim Valiant comic.  I'm almost there (just missing a few gold issues), and I keep them in the Valiant 1, 2 and 3 boxes. Also in this picture, you can see I've hung action figures on the ceiling -- I display my Star Wars and Star Trek action figure collection on the ceiling.


On top of these long boxes, I store treasury size comics, graphic novels and my collection of Serpieri books  In my old comic room, where I had over twice the space, I just to store treasuries in treasury-size boxes and graphic novels and other books on bookshelves.  But in this smaller room I don't have space for those storage options; I can make better use of space by stacking on top of long boxes.  In fact, I layout the long boxes so they sort of form shelves.


To the right (this is still on top of CB2) I've got my small collection of Lego mini-figs.  In this picture you'll also see my record player and a signed photo of Emma Watson.  Thanks for reading!



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On 7/30/2017 at 5:30 PM, Robot Man said:

Man, this ain't just a room, it's a geek's paradise apartment! I think we would all have fun in there.

Ain't that the truth?  Tremendous!!

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The Nook

To give some background, my house is at the beach.  Like most beach houses, the 1st floor is off the ground.  Our house is about 4 feet off the ground.  That floor is what I'm calling "Downstairs" in the map.

We have a ground level shed and an outdoor shower.  "Upstairs" is built on top of the shed and it's about 4 feet higher than Downstairs -- that's why I need a ladder to get up.  The "Nook" is on top of the shower and it's about a half step lower than Upstairs -- that's why I show a dotted line in the map.


Here's the Nook looking at it from Upstairs.  Next to the opening is a rendition of Mary Marvel by Rudy Nebres.  I got it years ago from Rudy himself, at a SDCC I think.  Also here's my copy of the first appearance of the original Miss Marvel.



I'm at work now so tonight I'll give you a tour of the Nook.

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