Registry bug with comics showing only cert #, score, and date created

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I noticed some discrepancies with some sets, and finally went to my set that contains all my comics to dig deeper.  When I try to add from inventory to that set, and sort by title, I see these 7 books pop up with non title, issue number, etc.  This seems to be preventing them from being added to sets.  Can this be looked at?


Certification Number
Title (Ascending)
Issue Number
Full Grade
Issue Date
Date Created
0782030014         9.8     7/7/2015
1396018007         9.8     11/20/2016
0144059008         9.8     11/20/2016
0906553023         9.8     1/19/2017
1433459007         9.8     2/11/2017
1433458017         9.8     2/13/2017
0906553015         9.8     2/25/2017
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