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On 7/14/2019 at 4:41 PM, Daredevil73 said:

daredevil vol 1 which has been challenging and expensive, just got a Cgc 4.0 #2, only keys I need are #1, and 131 and the very last issue and approx 20 other issues, so once I have done this very fulfilling, 


Bravo! This is what I'm working on at the moment as well, but I'm nowhere close to finishing it. I'm closing in on a complete 175-300. I already have a high-grade 131, so the only other key I'm missing is 168. Will slowly pick away at the rest, and plan on making my final buy a mid-grade raw #1 (I won't even consider slabbing any of these until I complete the set). 

Some truly impressive and humbling runs posted in this thread. 

My only other collecting goals:

Iron Fist 1-15 and MP 15 (because I already have IF 14)

G.I. Joe 1-50, 155 (I have all but four random numbers) 

Elementals (vol. 1) 1-29 and JM Annual (for nostalgia's sake)

X-Men 1-94 and GSX (one can dream, right?)

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On 2/3/2018 at 10:30 AM, Jordysnordy said:

I have completed:

AF 15 and ASM 1 to present


Savage Sword of Conan

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man

Marvel Team Up

Iron Man

I've been at this for 30+ years and it was hard pre- internet to find high grade raw copies. You "youngsters" have it easy with eBay and the many other auction sites :preach:

You forgot Godzilla!!!!

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AF15, ASM 1 to 700

What If V1, V2

Silver Surfer 1-18, V2, V3

Phantom Stranger (1952) 1-6 & V2

Lots of post 1980 series that all have been long liquidated.

I still have the Phantom Stranger and What If Books with no intention to sell them. As for the others, they took up too much room and sold most of the non keys off.

 I’m nearly finished rebuilding AF15, ASM1-50, plus other keys.

 I’m also having fun just buying early Marvel SA appearances and trying to put mini runs together (Avengers 1-10). I don’t feel any huge pressure to finish them. I just pick away at them.



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On 2/6/2018 at 6:35 PM, Artboy99 said:

Planet Comics.

Perhaps the run I am most proud of and that was arguably the hardest to complete.

It took me several years.

I utilized many online resources, and bought from CGC board members and bought at local comic shows and conventions. I sacrificed other books to be able to afford the books that eluded me ( Planet 15! )

There are not many members of the complete Planet Comics run club worldwide.

I was trying to stick to 5.0 and above for copies. Other than a handful I attained that goal ( always room to upgrade which I am slowly doing ).

I completed lots of runs over my years collecting comics: Spider-man including AF15, Hulk including Tales to Astonish and all of his appearances, Conan both Marvel and Dark Horse, Savage Sword of Conan. Silver Surfer 1-18, etc, but I think the Planet run is the hardest run I have completed.

Awesome run !

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all of my things have been newer series like ultimate spiderman, batman new 52, and the largest was wolverine vol 1, 2 and 3.

I tried buying them in large lots as much as possible, but was buying new issues as they came out somewhat too. I don't have any of those now though.

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I don't know how I've never seen this thread before. Runs are my life.  Most of the below were slowly built over roughly 5-11 years.  Tomb of Dracula was the only one i bought in a complete run and that was just because i came across a good deal on ebay a couple years ago. For the main titles i typically stop collecting around the 1990's because that's just when things become less nostalgic for me.

The large runs of  mostly main titles in my collection:

Amazing Spiderman #1-#400. 

X-Men #1- #317. Including GSX1 and 2

Avengers #1-#400.  Including all Annuals up til 1994

Hulk #1-6 (vol 1)

Hulk #102-#320 (vol 2)

Tales of Supsense #39-65

Iron Man #1-#300

Conan the Barbarian #1-#220

Savage Sword of Conan #1-#150

Spectacular Spiderman #1-#137

X-Factor #1-50 something... i should look into finishing this one

Web Of #1-50 something... see above.

The complete runs in my collection:


Captain Marvel including the Death of novel

Tomb of Dracula


What If (vol 1)

Marvel Team Up

Luke Cage/Powerman

Master of Kung Fu


The Invaders (vol 1)

The Champions

Kull the Conqueror (vol 1)

Warlock including pre and post Starlin as well as the Warlock Strange Tales issues


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forgot to add a couple series!
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Complete runs:

Alpha Flight v1 + annuals

Excalibur v1 +annuals

GI Joe (Marvel)

Transformers (Marvel/Dreamwave/IDW)

Wolverine v2 + annuals

New Mutants v1 + annuals

X-Force v1 + annuals

X-Factor v1 + annuals

(Uncanny) X-Men v1 + annuals

X-Men/New X-Men/Legacy/X-Men + annuals

X-Men Unlimited v1

Punisher multiple volumes including Marvel Knights & Max series

Punisher War Journal v1 & 2

Punisher War Zone v1


The Thing

Star Wars (2015 series)

Darth Vader v1 and 2

Doctor Aphra

I think that is it.  Currently working on Canadian price variant runs of Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor, Punisher, and Transformers.  Also working on X-Men UK price variant run.  

Edit: I didn't add in the tons of mini series from the 1980s-2000s or short run indy series (ie. Human Torch 1-8, Drifter, Invisible Republic, etc.)

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1 hour ago, 1950's war comics said:

where are all the DC runs lol 

No ill will for DC , but i've just always been a Marvel guy (shrug).  I did briefly flirt with mostly late Golden Age/early Silver Age DC when i first got back into collecting about 10 years ago, but i sold them all off to buy some other books that i wanted more.  The one book I do miss was a blue label 6.0 Worlds Finest #4 that I had. 

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I am in Australia and collecting is, was a little harder. Back in 1982 we moved to a new home and when we investigated child care we found it next to this old shop, called "Nostalgia comics, or books" . I came back that weekend and could not believe such a place existed. Run by a panelologist, Roger Morrison who opened the shop on Saturdays. I had come back to comics the year before and had been trying to build a GL run from 160 back to when  I had left. (After the Adams run) . That day I left with about 75% of books from 3# to about 38, which is when my run started. Roger ran a very small gym next door which I joined and after a few months he passed on a Hugh O'Kennon catalog. Prior to that he had been buying a few Flash for me. I remember him saying, There is a SC 4$ for $800 (NM) you should make him an offer. Well I missed that but built over the next 15 years a good Flash run including SC 8, SC 14 and Flash from 108 up with only a few holes. Surprisingly Tricksters first and second appearance. I stopped in the mid 90s and swore never to go back, as I had a few dealer issues. (not Hugh) . I kept buying and reading but I was done collecting (although my boxes kept growing). After the Flash TV show, I decided to finish it. So my runs are

Flash SC4 to 350 (and at one time all the Barry Allen issues after that)

My greatest Adventure 80 to Doom Patrol 124, finished in mid 90s,

Legion Super Heroes Adventure 247 right through Adventure 380, the Action issues, the Superboy issues before they changed the title, the Giffen issues, the Archie legion, Wades run Shooters run, the New 52 , a soap opera hard to break away from. This was finished late 80s

Funny thing with the Flash books my collecting started at about the time we had a major business jump and my wife basically said, I could take the books as my reward for not retiring.

My first SC4 was just 13 pages from the book, Centre wrap and one other page missing, but then followed by a purple 5.0 minor color touch and small glue on spine, and then a 4.5 last year and my SC13 is worse. Started as a 1.8 purple (my first slab), then a reader with no back cover, then a 6.0 from mycomic shop, then a beautiful 8.5, the a 7.5 in case I need the money sunk in that 8.5 one day. All makes perfect sense to me. Now that has finished I started chasing Flash art.

and although I now have a couple of SC22s I never finished that GL run. Think I am missing 7, and just don't like the cover.

Other cool thing with Roger, after he considered you a serious fan, a guy who would chase the books in the US, on a quiet Saturday he would bring out his old Tec comics to show you and let you look through. Roger had from Tec 27 on,plus Action 1, more fun 52, All star 3, 8 etc. Not locked away. After all, they were meant to be enjoyed. An amazing guy, and great mentor.


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