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below a list of UG comix I would like to own.

I know that some or even most  are over the top of my budget, but I think I may afford a few of them, if the deal is fair.

I appreciate any pointer to trusted dealers and/or collectors.

thanks, cheers




Dirty Girdies Comix, all issues
Filipino Food (both)
Marching Marvin
Phucked up funnies
Koan Comics
Doomsday Comics
Machines (Bodè)

The Life and Loves of Cleopatra (1st printing)
Abduction of Dot Darling
Frezno Funnies
Kiwi Comix
Gimmeabreak Comix
Fleshapoids from earth
Good old lust comics
Glass City Giggles
Fark Comics
Dry Ice (Kinney)
Monday Funnies (all issues)
Gunfighter Comix (all issues)
Tales of Ozone, #1
World War 3 (all issues)
Amra Arma meets ...
Somewhere in plasticville
Gas Comics
Pervert Comics
This is Tattoed paper
Goose Lake gags
Inahaba funnies
Zodiac Mindwarp (tabloid)
The O.K. Comic Co. (several issues)


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On ‎23‎/‎03‎/‎2018 at 2:29 PM, 50 Cent #II (1st) said:

Send Corben Fan, Arnie, the list, he can probably get you most of these on the list.

I was just checking my personal emails today and just found out that Dr. S's (corbenfan, Anrie) wife past away on the 24th.

PS you have good/ambitious taste ug18!

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