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7 minutes ago, jsilverjanet said:

I know for 1 the price is the indicator but I also thought the interiors showed it what printing it was 

I had been going by the price, but yes, the second printings are listed on the inside front cover. I will have to check to see how far into the series that the additional printings go. Thanks.

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5 hours ago, artistlost said:

I love the series. I no longer have any floppies but have this...




It's framed and hanging on my office wall. 



This was my favorite version of Maggie for a long time. Nice piece 

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I will post images of books and signings on/from Sunday. There are quite a few books that I want to see what all three Hernandez brothers will want to do with!

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Sorry, but I did not take pictures of any of the books signed or the sketch covers done. I brought most of my collection to Motor City and just made the 4pm deadline even with the amazing help of Dan Partouche and his crew.

Over 50 copies of Love and Rockets (1st and 2nd printings), 1-20 of Love and Rockets v.2, and two copies each of Penny Century 1-7.  Where ever there was a nice blank area, I was able to get a nice small sketch from Jaime, Gilbert and Mario. Dan coordinated the location and sharpie colors. Thank you Dan!!

I was also able to commission a Jaime (Maggie) sketch cover, a Gilbert Luba sketch cover, a jam piece sketch cover (with all three brothers sketching), a 8 by 11 Maggie/Hopey sketch, and sketches from all three on Love and Rockets #1 (1981) and Love and Rockets #1 (Fifth printing) all off to CGC.


Los Bros Hernandez.jpg

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A first few books (the one's with remarks). Mario didn't use a sharpie with this first one (My fault for not pausing between sketches). Either way, thank you to all three Hernandez Brothers for their wonderful help!


LR 1 v2 sketch.jpg

LR2 v2.jpg

LR 13 v2.jpg

Edited by Ron C.
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