The Silver Surfer Collecting Thread
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9 minutes ago, World Devourer said:

Yes, the other one to get is #14 for your avatar.

Good action cover.

ill have the whole set before too long.. 1,2,4, and 15 are the only ones i got so far, but 9.4s and above are tuff in some issue numbers. you got  some youre looking to upgrade from 9.4 up? im looking for 9.4s+   :wishluck::baiting:trying like crazy to fill these holes


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On 6/23/2018 at 7:00 PM, comicgrinder said:

3 has been exceptionally hard to find in grade

I guess if 9.8 is what you mean by 'in grade'.  There are still sweet copies around at lesser grades:



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