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On 7/24/2018 at 12:15 AM, Spider-Variant said:

Ok, to get us back on track, sort of...

One of the things I loved about Ross Andru was his attention to detail.  Here's one of many examples.

The Goblin's Lair (Hide Out, whatever you want to call it is fine by me) was shown in ASM #122 with art by Gil Kane, John Romita, and backgrounds by Tony Mortellaro and can be seen here.


It was featured again in Issue #135, with art by Ross Andru and Frank Giacoia. 

And finally, again in Issue #177 with art by Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.

Now, it's a small thing, but I just loved the fact that it's the same building all the way through.





"Thanks for letting me the whereabouts of the lair...Now I can put my master plan into action!" 

Who needs Google maps when you have CGC forum members hee hee hee!


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22 hours ago, 1950's war comics said:

did you buy these off the rack Steve ??

Not these copies Craig, no. I did buy them as a kid in a comic shop but those specific copies are long gone. These are mostly ex-CGC copies which I broke out and kept for the memory. I've owned so many copies down the years I've lost track. I think I had about 13 different 179's at one point (see earlier pictures). Apart from being my favourite story arc from a nostalgia point of view, 176-180 were a rich source of variants, inserts and misprints. So I just love them all the more. 

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23 hours ago, BlueSnaggletooth said:

Wow - those are some sharp looking copies. Very cool.

Love the Andru/Esposito run as ASM #170 was the first back issue I ever bought back in '82. Love the cover with all of Spidey's enemies coming thru the walls!


Good man Snaggs!  Welcome, welcome :headbang:

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On 7/22/2018 at 1:25 PM, Spider-Variant said:

It's funny I can remember where I was when I bought all of those issues off the stands back in the day.  I missed Issue 176 and had to back order it through the mail, but the rest I got off the stands.

Again, I never understood why fights with the Green Goblin took more than a couple of panels.  Especially as Harry or Bart.  I always ascribed some sort of super-strength to Norman, but these two were weaker than water.


I think once he knew it was Harry, he didn't want to hurt him. Maybe he sensed something was different with Bart? (shrug) To this day, I try not to overthink anything I read. I just try to enjoy it. Thinking too hard just makes my brain hurt when it comes to comic logic.:insane:

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I suppose I can apply for an associate membership. These books came out as I was coming to the end of my first period of collecting days as a teenager. Partly due to the price increase (FORTY CENTS FOR A COMIC-- are you crazy?), partly due to getting involved in sports-- but the very last Spider-Man comic I bought was ASM 178 -- still have ASM 176-178 (all are in high grade condition) and bought off the rack at my local 7-11. I have the run from when I started collected (ASM 147) with a few holes here and there but mostly complete, some of them beat up, many of them in great shape. But these 3 books are in outstanding shape. To be fair-- Spidey was never on the top of my list of favorite books but back then I would buy anything I didn't have off the rack regardless. I was aware of them before as I have noted them as "key" issues in my master list but that was probably from my early days checking out this website.

Thanks for pointing these out. I do recall reading the 161-162 issues. Not sure if I read 176-178 but they are on my to do list now.


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