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On 7/28/2018 at 12:27 PM, Get Marwood & I said:

There's an Andru page on Comiclink at the mo - no Spidey in it but already at $850




Not bad considering no Spidey or A list villain appears:




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2 hours ago, ADAMANTIUM said:

That's a lot of good readin' there @Get Marwood & I did you ever buy any OA or did you just track it? the ASM #172 makes me want to know what in the world was the matter with 'Liz'!


There's a few of mine in the earlier thread posts Mark. I just had to have an Andru original, and ended up with 3. Bought at the right time :)

Liz was preoccupied with the Molten Man as I recall. There's a clue on the cover of 173....

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2 minutes ago, bababooey said:


Such a great GG page and one of the few times I considered buying OA.  I think it's from issue 177 but it was likely my introduction to the character's history...and I had only read 136/137 and issue 40 from Bring on the Bad Guys at the time.

Yeah, there are certain frames of art that stay with you.  The Goblins face on this page where he's being impaled by the glider is one of them.  

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Story telling was so different back then. Scenes of Peter trudging through the streets with all the cares in the world on his shoulders. Simple,  but moody and slightly maudlin. So different to the brash, clever clever smart arse stuff of today. 

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8 minutes ago, Get Marwood & I said:

Yeah, there are certain frames of art that stay with you.

There's a scene in ASM 153 where the crook catches a bird in his hand and crushes it. That stayed with me. Soppy sod, I was. 


Edit - here it is:


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10 hours ago, minisink warrior said:

Here’s a list of some Ross Andru  pages that sold recently on comic connect 


Cor,  they look nice. Thanks for posting them - I'll have a look on the site now :)

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6 minutes ago, Spider-Variant said:


That's so cool. Thanks S-V. I really liked these :headbang:

I love realism in my art. Andru was so good at it. It made it real for me as a kid. I truly believed this stuff was happening, in a real place. 

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