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Heads up: we've made a couple design tweaks to this page:

The biggest change is the addition of the "Sort By" dropdown towards the top. This should make it easier to find popular journal entries or sort by "Last Reply" instead of "Start Date" if you'd prefer.

Sort By.png

"Start Date" is still the default sort for now.

We've also tweaked font sizes and made other minor adjustments to make the page more readable and usable on different size devices.

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So, this new journals made Tnerb extinct?  I am kind of missing to read Tnerb's journals and his everyday positive vibes.

How do you propose to bring them included Tnerb back to exist again in the new journals (from old journals)?  Scott, I know you already instructed us how to migrate old journals to the new journals and all others (luckly, I don't have one).

Tnerb may lose his interesting or feel obstructed. I don't know what happening to him after the revamped chat board. How many the board members did we have in old journals before the new one?  Half of them?

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No, tnerb's journals are alive and well.

Here are all of tnerb's journals in the new format:

If you want to see his journals in the old format / section, you can:

  1. Flip through the pages of the old journals section and look for his name
  2. Use the search function hm
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