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This week in your collection?
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I saw the book listed on the Four Color website, and emailed Robert Rogovin. He's still very much in business, and sent the book out very quickly.

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I doubled the size of my CGC collection with a Batman 283 CGC 9.4. It makes my other 9.4 (red label) look like it could be a 9.6 or better.


I also picked up a Batman LoDK #100 raw from my LCS. I need 12 more issues to complete my LoDK set, it's time to get off my [#@$%!!!] and do it.

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This week I received some grades back from CGC:


Werewolf By Night 33 9.4

Ms Marvel 2 9.6

Spider-Woman 1 9.6

Spider-Woman 1 9.4

Uncanny X-Men 178 9.8

Uncanny X-Men 181 9.8

Amazing Spider-Man 200 9.6

Uncanny X-Men 137 9.6

Marvel Two In One Annual #2 9.6

Incredible Hulk 177 9.6

Star Wars 1 9.6

Marvel Team Up 61 9.6

Champions 11 9.6

Avengers 146 .30 variant 6.0

Iron Man 88 .30 variant 7.0


And I failed miserably on one: Marvel Chillers 6 9.0 (ouch!)

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Hey everybody - back from a two week hiatus (worked the Philly Flower Show Convention), anyway, here's something I just won...I'll post some other stuff as soon as I get my scanner working...




Other wins include some JIM issues around 125, 126

some great GA Blackhawk issues

excellent Frogman scuba cover

a few Wrightson Swamp Things in NM-

a set of these 9.8 Sin City books.

and a nice painted cover Vampi 9.8 modern

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Don't have any scans but so far this week I have bought Amazing Spiderman # 90 CGC 9.0 with white pages from Colmore Comics , Amazing Spiderman 47 CGC9.2 from Highgrade comics .com and Fantastic Four 62 CGC 9.2 from ebay ( Peewee Comics ) .


Non of these comics have arrived yet CAN'T WAIT !!!! cloud9.gif

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I already have 2 other 9.2's, one of which is a pedigree, and I still willingly overpaid for this one. screwy.gif



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No scans but I've picked up about 500 raw batmans and 'tecs this week! Mostly moderns and late bronze, so don't get too excited, but still very cool nonetheless....nice to look at two longboxes worth of stuff and go, "wow, those are all bat-books!" Plenty of reading to keep me busy. grin.gif

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