show us your Mile Highs (Edgar Church copies)
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4 hours ago, PopKulture said:

I get what you are saying, but I really think the flipside of that is true: that we're the best thing that ever happened to this hobby. We are the hobby.

I mean, one guy, in a vacuum, off somewhere on his own, neurotically if lovingly saving way more books than would ever serve his purpose as an artist would be pretty easily dismissed as a loon if there wasn't as far-ranging a fan base as all of us constitute. A bunch of comics somewhere doesn't best represent our hobby, be they in a Colorado closet or a museum in D.C. or New York: we do.

We keep them alive. We covet them, trade them, seek them out, cherish them, find out all we can about them, and above all marvel at them most often through the lens of a wide-eyed eleven year old.  :cloud9:

This encapsulates it in a way that had never dawned on me.  Good job, PopKulture!

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