Remick, McGoohan and Weazle are not dead
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Over the last week or so I've found:

  • Certain areas of the boards take a long time to load, e.g. the 'All Activity' stream
  • A lot of duplicate posting is going on (I find this often happens when performance is slow overall)
  • When trying to post, it often takes a long time to deliver - 'saving' shows for up to 20 seconds (see example below)
  • Having successfully posted, the same post text appears in your next new post attempt, forcing you to 'clear the editor' each time
  • The same people seem to be arguing about the same things all the time



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  • Administrator


Thanks for the heads up - I'll look into this and ask the vendor what's going on.

I noticed that the online user count has been quite a bit higher than usual lately, which is probably contributing.

I'll keep you posted.

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Oh well. Twice I tried that - a spoiler within a spoiler within a spoiler. I got this for over a minute each time: Capturev.PNG.8c2e5bd6d3a92e1b65f1a917efdb995a.PNG

And when it posted, not only did it remove the spoiler elements, but the wording too.

Trust the boards to muck up your fun. I've done that before many times without a problem.

Maybe Scott will pop along at some point, and give an update. 

I'm off

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Just now, tv horror said:

Ah Geoffrey he was another pick for a great Doctor. Miss Remick was a real beauty and what more could you say about Patrick McGoohan he was more than a number.:foryou:

The triple spoiler was - sorry, would have been a hoot. Well, I thought so anyway. Night Maurice

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