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The Books

  •  Mostly awesome golden age books

General Rules

  •   No PL/HOS members

  •  The new board software does not display precise thread post times (either in PMs or in sales threads), which can result in the inability to determine whether a PM post or thread post came first. One thing remains certain - it is easy to tell whether one post in a thread came before another post in the same thread. So, the first "take it" posted in the sales thread wins. If we reach a deal via PM, I'll mark books SOLD in the thread as soon as reasonably possible - but if someone else takes the book in the thread before your PM take is acknowledged in the thread (by either you or I), the thread poster is the winner, I'm afraid; so, there is some risk of losing a book if you try to remain anonymous via PM. (Credit to EC Ed for these rules. I have adapted them with his permission)

  • I kindly ask that you not Quote a book and then make a comment. It makes the book appear to be sold. 


  •  I'll take PayPal for total sales under $1000 if PayPal is your preferred method. Personal checks, or USPS money orders for total sales $1000 or higher.

  • When the thread is over an invoice will be sent with PayPal address. 

  •    I'll expect payment within 10 calendar days of invoice, or the book will beavailable for sale again (unless we've made other payment arrangements)

  • Time payments are available for purchases of $2500 or more with 20% non-refundable deposit and installment payments so purchase is paid in full no later than 60 days. If monthly installments are more than 10 days late or payment is defaulted the 20% deposit will be retained by the seller but the rest of monies will be returned to the buyer and the sale will be nullified. Please PM to discuss time payment before taking the book in the thread. I reserve the right to not take time payments.

  •  I will consider trades for 6.0 and up ASM 1-18 and other select golden age

Shipping Terms

  • USA: $10 for raw and $18 for graded in any quantity. I ship USPS priority with signature required. I pack in Gemini boxes in a USPS legal flat rate envelope for raw books and a Med flat rate box for slabs. Please note the shipping prices are slightly higher than they used to be. It is costing a little more these days. 

  •  Canada: $15 for raw and $25 for graded in any quantity. Overseas- Shipping at cost. I only ship overseas to established board members with references.

  • I now only ship one time a week so please be patient as it could take up to 10 days to ship your purchase. 


  • General Policy: I will accept returns on raw books within two weeks of your receipt of the books, as long as the books are returned to me as they were when you received them. If there is undisclosed restoration on raw books I will take them back up to 6 months after the purchase. On raw book returns, you cover shipping cost back to me unless I missed restoration or a major defect. There are no returns on graded books.

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