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Classic Magazine Covers-Contenders or Pretenders?
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So I would like input on two things here if you please.

1 List any magazines that CGC lists as classic covers on their labels.

2 List a book that is not just a favorite of yours but one you feel strongly that there are enough collectors out there that agree with you to call it a classic cover.

So I’ll start with 2 that CGC currently lists as classic covers and 1 (Vampi) that I believe deserves it.






I’m not limiting these to Warren magazines either. It’s all magazine covers are welcome.

Picks anyone?

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1 hour ago, oakman29 said:



1 hour ago, oakman29 said:


So I agree with #1 but I’m on the fence if #14 is just in the cool cover category. But I’m not the magazine master like some of you.

Wouldn’t #18 be in the classic cover status? Seems to get reproduced a lot and sold quickly when available.


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I think that Terror Tales Issue #2 (V1 #8) gives over 95% of Pre-Code Horror books a hard run for their money.  And really needs to be understood by the greater comic community for this "historical significance".  Meatgrinder is right up there as well.

@SAKI great copy!  Glad that you were able to scoop one up.

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6 minutes ago, bounty_coder said:

I never realized that Creepy #15 was labeled as a "Classic".  A bit floored that it has that designation above others.  

I’m not. It’s a pretty heavily reproduced Frazetta piece for a while now. There’s a lot of classic covers on comics that don’t do much for me but I have to acknowledge their status just by how many times I see them reproduced in things over and over again.

The internet also has helped create a lot of the newer ones today.

Creepy #15 is probably one of the more old school classic covers. I saw it here first since Creepy #15 was well before my time.



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