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7 hours ago, mister_not_so_nice said:

This page has been in my collection longer than any other (my very 1st OA page). It definitely is one of my favorites. 


I’ll say it again, that’s a heck of a first.

Of course there is such a thing as too much of a good thing... but certainly don’t let that get in the way. Tell us what you really like!  :)

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Large pencil conceptual drawing for the 1964 William Castle movie, THE NIGHT WALKER by Reynold Brown. Interestingly, for the Demon at centre, the resulting movie poster campaigns added a pair of underpants for him to wear (no self-respecting demon should be seen in public without them) and all the surrounding monster-types got censored-out of the printed poster. The artwork actually forms the basis of the movie's introductory title sequence

I don't own the painting or printed movie poster, just the concept drawing.




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