Hank Pym (Ant-Man & other identities) & Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) thread
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3 minutes ago, Beige said:

You got the whole run?


The cheap paper was always a killer on these.

Care to share any pictures please?


Yeah, picked up both the Terrific and Fantastic runs from a seller off Ebay. The early issues didn't have the free inserts, but I was really having problems finding those anyway.

I started posting some of the back covers with the early Barry Smith art over in the Bronze Forum under the Mighty World of Marvel Thread. When I get some time I'll throw up some of the covers also.

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Great idea for a topic!  :applause:
Giant-Man /Ant-Man/ Goliath (& the Wasp) were two of my favorite Marvel characters when I was a kid.  (Behind Spidey, the FF, and Thor)

...not a comic, but a pin-up that I chased for awhile.
From TTA  #63, the first Giant-Man/ Hulk I bought off he stands (actually, I'm pretty sure my older brother bought it for me one sunny afternoon after a day at the Cocoa Beach Pier.  This image was etched into my 8-year-old mind.)


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