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On 11/9/2019 at 8:32 AM, showcase4 said:

@SecondBlight , did you ever think .......... ( that should keep him in bed for the next 4 days with a migraine :gossip: )

For the rest of you .... familiar with the ‘iceberg theory’? You ONLY see the 10% above water - if you saw the other 90%, an iceberg would take on a completely different size, shape, SOPHISTICATION and complexity. A peak at me “below the water line”. I collect ( in part / with passion! ) factory sealed Comics, and Sportscards - all either key issues, Rookies, Origins, etc etc - all with limited / preferably  loooooow production numbers. Over time, this population of sealed items will ALWAYS get smaller, as Collectors can’t wait to tear open that packaging, and grade those items. Well... you can open a sealed bag to grade a comic, but you can never “ungrade” it, and seal it back in the bag! Now... I ALSO collect some pretty sweet, non-bagged, KEY Moderns that I DON’T post here — only post a small percentage ~~ iceberg!
Pics- some of my recent “factory sealed” eBay purchases ...

Are you still paying $31 for 2018 Update Fat Pack? I have some I will sell you.

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19 hours ago, showcase4 said:

I don’t know if it was your goal to try and make me look foolish? @ygogolak .~ the foolish one you! (tsk)

My answer: yes! ~I’d buy another just like this one at $27.99 ( you said $31? Shipping doesn’t count when quoting purchase prices - there is no “magic fairy” free delivery service doh!)  You have to READ the Full description!  - (*top pic) ~ you obviously read just PART of it (*middle pic) ~ so the pie’s on Your face! :boo:

(For rest of you: packs without Hall of Fame Potential Rookie Cards showing sell for $12 (thumbsu

now see (*bottom pic)

HOF, after one year? Hmmm....ok.

Yes, shipping definitely counts as part of the total price. When you go to a show or comic shop, do they charge shipping?

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28 minutes ago, shiverbones said:

Don’t usually go for variants, but thought this was a pretty great cover


I don't usually go for vampires, but when I saw that, I have to admit it did looks like a great depiction (thumbsu Congrats :) 


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