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My ASM #20... Please Grade

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Well I thought I had the books narrowed down for submission. NOW I am recieving a shipment tomorrow of the following books:


ASM: 8,12,22,23,24,25,31,34,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,51,52,53,62,121,122


Captain America: 100,108,110,111,112


Thor: 158,193


Tales To Astonish: 60, 81


Dare Devil: 9,10,11,16,17,21,30


Avengers: 33,36,39,41


Fantastic Four: 25,47,48,55,56,57,100


Marvel Spotlight: 5


PPSP: 1,2


DON'T WORRY I will not be posting them all for review!!! Maybe just a couple wink.gif I believe that all books will be at least an 8.0 with many in the high 8's low 9's. I plan on submitting 15 total for the first shot... all comments and suggestions are welcomed







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