7th Annual Green Eggs Grading Contest - Round 1 Results (1 of 10)

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12 minutes ago, sckao said:

2019 Green Eggs Grading Contest Round 01 - Commentary

Welcome to the Final Green Eggs Grading Contest and what will probably be the EASIEST round you will ever face. :foryou:

Congrats to the 36 of you who scored Double Bullseyes. :banana: 

If you did not do well this round, you have 9 more rounds to make up ground. It only gets harder from here. :eek:

Good luck! :wishluck:

ROUND 2 AWAITS! :sumo:


Fantastic stats.  The only time I''ll ever be at the top.  Enjoying these 48 hrs before I drop to the bottom of the list.  

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21 minutes ago, spidermanbeyond said:

1st place. 1st time ever for me.  I know I am tied with 35 other people but still I am going to enjoy the moment.  As Wolverine said, "so this is what it feels like."



Double-bullseye for me and tied for 1st place!?



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12 minutes ago, WPPJames said:

So I think I'm 1 point ahead of the people that submitted no guesses at all. Again, it's like that SNL Celebrity Jeopardy post I did earlier. If I can keep it out of the negative I can technically still qualify for Final Jeopardy.

Or you could look at it as you're just 6 Points behind the Leaders! :foryou:

(Part of the Peloton.)


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@1Cool scored 8 Points (37th place tie) for Round ONE and has been added to the charts. (You may have to click on the charts to see the update. The board may be caching the initial file image.)

We regret the omission. :foryou:



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honestly, this wasn't really that easy because i did a lot of debating on whether there were qualified grades allowed...then i realized that even if that book got a green label, it still would have been a 0.5.

but the internal back-and-forth prior to that was roiling, I'mma tell you whut

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