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Need help grading DD# 41

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I just purchased this book on E-bay. I submit it here to see if you agree with me or the seller on the grade of this book.

Structure: Book lies flat. Top staple is loose with a small tear. Back cover has writing in ink at the top.


Page quality: Off White


Visible defects: Front cover has a 3-4 inch crease below the E in daredEvil. Another crease crosses the CCA stamp. Top of spine has a 1/8 inch split. Front cover also has a stress crease at the LLC. Spine shows numerous stress marks with color loss. Cover has some gloss but is soiled. The back cover is soiled and has more gloss then the front cover.The BC also has a crease at the LLC and the URC. All corners are blunted.


Hidden defects: none


And now the scans.



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4.5 tops sumo.gif I don't see it reaching the FN range sorry.gif




That's pretty much what I thought as well. The scans actually make the book look much better then it looks in person. The scans make it look much more glossy and in this case they tend to hide the creases. mad.gif

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