Official 2019 CGC Chat Boards Holiday Gift Exchange Sign-Up
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Welcome to the 2019 CGC Chat Boards Gift Exchange

For those who are new to the program or otherwise have a very bad memory, the idea is simple. Basically you will give a gift to a fellow board member, and also receive a gift yourself from a different boardie. This way, each person will get to interact with two fellow boardies in the Gift Exchange Program. It does not matter what seasonal Holiday you celebrate, what creed or religion you claim, this Gift Exchange is more about giving and getting a gift than celebrating a specific holiday. We are celebrating comics and our community. Times may currently be tough for some, but it is worth pausing to recognize the importance the CGC community brings to each of you.

Some Details on the Gift Exchange Program

  • How much should my gift be for? Up to you. There are people that send gifts that have values that are all over the place. $15-20? Sure. $50-$100? Sure. You are certainly welcome to send more expensive gifts, but the gift should be worth at least $15. Lots of people just give something from their own collection, so the cost is negligible.

  • Does my gift have to be new? No

  • Does it have to be comic related? Yes

  • Am I supposed to sign who my gift was from? Yes, you should - your identity is only secret till they open their gift.

  • Do I have to wrap my gift in a Holiday fashion? Yes. Extra points for wrapping it in the Sunday Comics

  • Am I supposed to wait until Christmas to open my gift? Yes, unless you celebrate another holiday in which case, follow your holiday gift opening tradition.

  • How will I know who I am Santa for? You will receive a PM with your recipients details once sign up is over.

  • When is sign up over? Friday, November 22nd at 11pm (ET)
    PMs with your Secret Santa information will be sent out the very next day. Everyone who signs up will have their PM by Saturday night (11/23).
    This gives everyone 1 full month to shop, wrap, and ship. It seems like a long time, but it goes quickly and shipping, obviously, takes longer over the Holiday season... so please, if you sign-up, DO NOT DELAY!!!

  • What if I miss sign up but want to participate? Sorry. No late sign-ups will be accepted this year. If you know a board member who you think would like to participate, contact them asap so they do not miss the deadline.

  • What if I never receive my gift? There will be people who will be assigned as a back up Santa. Everyone who signs up will get a gift... sooner or later.

  • Who is eligible to participate?  Anyone who signed up to be a member of this community on or before August 1, 2019 with a current post count of at least 25 is eligible for participation in the Gift Exchange
    (For those who do not meet the above criteria, we, as a community, apologize. Hang-in there and be active... next year will be worth the wait.)

  • What and when is the Holiday raffle? Starting this year, all raffle information will be kept completely separate from the Gift Exchange. There will be a separate thread created for the 2019 Holiday Raffle sometime after the Gift Exchange match-ups have been PM'd. (I'm thinking late Nov./early Dec.)
    Please do not add any Raffle information to the form below thinking I've forgotten/neglected to add it... be patient.

If you sign up, please follow through and don't wait until after the fact to fulfill your duties. 
The rules are simple, but need to be followed to make sure everyone who signs up gets a present for the Holiday.

To officially "sign-up", fill out the questions below then PM this info (cut and paste fashion) to me... HollyJollyOne <---- linked here 


**Please make sure to create the PM with your BOARD NAME AND 2019 as the title.**

CGC Board name:

Real name:

Mailing address:

Collecting preferences (what you might like to receive):

Who were you Santa for last year:

Who was your Santa last year:

Would you be willing to ship to board members outside of your country (i.e. Are you willing to ship Internationally)?

Would you be willing to be a back up Santa in case someone can not/does not follow through?

If you are willing to be a back up Santa, are you willing to ship Internationally?


And that's all there is to it!

Just a reminder. Please do not use a prior years PM to submit this years form. Just create a NEW PM to me with the proper "2019" header to avoid any confusion. Also, do not edit your PM and expect me to see the changes on your form. PMs do not receive notifications for edits so unless I read it again and again I may never see the changes. If you absolutely need to correct a mistake or add information before the deadline for form submission on Friday, November 22nd, just make a separate comment and bump the original PM.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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7 hours ago, speedcake said:

Is this IT so far?! come on, peoples!

I know, right!?

The gift exchange is even better than the grading contests IMO.

It's literally the only time of year I buy and receive gifts for/from anyone.

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On 11/5/2019 at 7:35 AM, theCapraAegagrus said:
On 11/4/2019 at 11:46 PM, speedcake said:

Is this IT so far?! come on, peoples!

I know, right!?

The gift exchange is even better than the grading contests IMO.

It's literally the only time of year I buy and receive gifts for/from anyone.

Many more people have signed up than have responded in this thread.

23 so far.

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