Batman in the Copper Age
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Just now, Brandon Shepherd said:

Two-Face is my favorite Bat villain. You have an awesome collection btw.

Thank you so much! He and the Joker are the two villains that I feature in a custom set in the registry. I'm posting the link below if you'd care to check it out. It's not all high grade, but it's interesting & unique.

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3 minutes ago, rgtichy said:

When are the Kelley Jones covers?  Are those Copper or Modern Age?  Personally, I like every one of the Kelley Jones covers much better than the McFarlane cover.  (Not saying the McFarlane one isn't striking, but in my opinion Kelley Jones's run of Batman covers were fantastic.)

You should start a Kelley Jones thread.  I personally think the years that comprise the ages needs to be revised.  For instance, 1996 was 25 years ago.  That to me does not seem modern.

Swamp Thing vol. 2 #157 c.jpg

Batman #540 - Copy.jpg

Batman #541 - Copy.jpg

Batman #544 - Copy.jpg

Batman #545 - Copy.jpg

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