Batman in the Copper Age
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I'm not sure your wife is going to like it when Jim Gordon cheats on his spose though.

2 minutes ago, D2 said:

I love Year One. 

I am actually forcing my wife to read it as we speak. I told her it’s worth her time. 

Here are my two copies. I am so anxious for Graphitti Designs to release their artist edition of it. 




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On 4/22/2021 at 7:01 AM, Cpt Kirk said:

pretty gruesome cover when you stop and look at it.

p.s.   late 1980's were an interesting time to be collecting comic books.  There was a lot of buzz in the market when that Batman movie with Michael Keaton, Kim Basinger and Jack Nicholson came out.    That, plus the first "Dark Knight", Batman: Year One, and relaunch of titles like Superman and Justice League made collecting and reading very fun for me.  I remember thinking something like this about "The Dark Knight":  "This looks like dooky but I can't stop reading and I'm fascinated".  

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For some reason, the early to mid-80's Batman - or basically pre-Crisis - feels more bronze than copper for me.

Copper keys for me would be: DKR, Year One, Killing Joke, Death of Jason Todd, Introduction of Tim Drake, Breaking of Batman's back, Azrael Batman.

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