Happy Holidays!
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It is now 2 hours into Christmas morning here in Ireland all I can say is we will never see its like again...Think about that one.:bigsmile: I wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas and holiday season and a beneficial financial New Year.:foryou:  And please buy a copy of my Christmas CD as all proceeds go to my little minions who keep my Crypt spotless and BUG free not like that Watergate building...In your face @oakman29.:foryou:

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9 hours ago, tv horror said:

What's wrong with your cat anyway? My cat Grimalkin (after Karwell's cat) would have that room tore to shreds just to get to the window nevermind the garden, he's a puss on the lose NOTHING stops him!:devil::roflmao:

Luke is guarding his domain. 😎

He's the protector of presents. :x

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