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Please grade my JIM84

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Thanks MC hi.gif

I was going to PM you and see how things worked out. I've been watching to see when you posted another scan. But as I can see it looks great. but I can't take all the credit as my mentor set me straight some time back. divadrabnud flowerred.gif


I wasn't trying to be hard on your comic as I wish I had one. But preparing you for the worst if you decide to get it graded.

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That's ok Nefaria; I'm looking for honesty in opinions, not flattery wink.gif

Actually, I bought this as if it was a 4.0 and am slightly pleasantly surprised.


well, i'm going to agree with you. i think it looks about 5.0 - 5.5 but with the 4 torn pages, ya gotta expect a drop or two.............i'd guess a 4.0 - 4.5 from CGC.......


having said that, it's the kind of defect you want in a book if you're looking for a nice looking copy that's more affordable......... thumbsup2.gif


my JIM 83 (that i posted here a few months back) looks 7.5ish but a small missing chunk out of the margin of the last page drove it down to a 6.5. someday it'll make someone a very presentable and affordable copy.................


good luck with your JIM run......... 893crossfingers-thumb.gif

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