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Hello, my name is Dale this is my first time submitting a comic on CGC. I have a Wolverine #1 for 82' I would like to submit. I paid the $25 to sign up for the year and then I went through the process of submitting my comic until it came to the total from submitting..... I'm shipping from Canada and CGC is saying its going to be $60 to ship it back to me ? my total comes out to be $90 something dollars and thats before I pay at the post office to send it off to you guys. 

 Is it always like this ? in the end its over $100 to submit and get it back to me ? I'm just wondering if this is a first time thing or will it always be the $60 for you guys ti ship it and over $100 total to get it CGC'ed and back to me.


 Thank you so much for your time.



Dale M 

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Generally (and I think they may even say this somewhere on the site) it's most cost effective to send them a couple of books at once (I usually do 5). 5 or 6 books (I can't remember which) is the max they fit in one box at a time so if you're only doing only one you're still paying the same cost in shipping.

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