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Looking for Barks collectors

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I'd very much like to get in contact with other collectors of

original Barks art, especially inked comic book art from the 1940s

and 50s.


I fully understand that most serious Barks collectors prefer

to keep a low profile. I wish to remain anymomous myself and

will treat all replies strictly confidentially.



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I agree that the oil paintings are vastly overvalued, perhaps excluding a few of the earliest ones.


Instead, I am much more interested in early inked comic book art from Barks' best period in the 1950s. I consider this to be by far the most attractive and collectible Disney comic artwork ever produced. Unfortunately, only 10 1/2 pages are known to exist from the 1940s and another 25 or so from the 50s. At least 10 of these are either stolen or stored permanently the Disney archives. Aside from one major collection that surfaced in Germany in the 90s (part of which I now own), early Barks originals hardly ever surface. I bought the example below from an original owner who got it in 1961, for example, and have bought other originals from collectors who held on to them for 25-30 years.


I am always looking to expand my collection and will pay extremely well for early examples, whether it is just a single panel or a whole page.

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