WB's BLUE BEETLE movie starring Xolo Mariduena (2023)

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I thought Blue Beetle was different because he was pretty much a rich nerd using his money to build kool weapons. I've no idea who the third Beetle is, so it will be a new character to me. I was impressed with Xolo the first two seasons, not so much in the next two but he came into his own this season.

I'm in no rush to run out and see a Blue Beetle movie, even if it was Ted Cord, but I'll see it when it streams.

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In an "Ask Me Anything" Twitter thread on Sunday, the Big Screen Leaks Twitter page answered two questions about reactions to a test screening of DC Studios' upcoming Blue Beetle.


One fan asked in the thread about the action sequences, prompting Big Screen Leaks to respond that "they sound super entertaining:"


@VengeanceLame: "How were the action scenes received in any of the 'Blue Beetle' test screenings?"


@bigscreenleaks: "Extremely well. It's lots of hand-to-hand combat action sequences and they sound super entertaining"


Separately, the account was asked which actors' performances stood out to test audiences, prompting a concise response:


@jxcekage: "from test screenings who’s gotten the most praise for their performance in blue beetle"

@bigscreenleaks: "Xolo and George Lopez"


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