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The Wild Wacky World of Esoteric Oddball Comics!
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1 minute ago, 50YrsCollctngCmcs said:

If you like this stuff you need to go to the Dali museum in St Petersburg Florida! Will blow your mind!!

I do love it. Got turned on to it in college art appreciation classes. Rene Magrite and MC Esher are also masters of the medium.

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1 hour ago, KirbyJack said:

I remember reading about those Scott Shaw! Oddball Shows. He was really into the fish-in-face oeuvre. In fact, he may have turned me on to Space Western.



They were and I think still are (I haven't been to SDCC in a few years). Epic panels.

The guys at the American Comic Book Company, Terry Stroud, David T Alexander and Carl Macek really got the ball started on these. They realized that a lot of those super cheap probably dollar books at the time had a little merit. They coined the phrases "Good Girl Art", "Bondage", "Esoteric" and many other words we all use today to market these slow sellers at often "inflated" prices. It obviously worked. I can still remember balking at their "double guide" prices back then on books like Phantom Lady, Weird Tales of the Future, Space Western and others but bought them anyway because I knew, like they did, they were so cool. They were visionaries and great marketers!

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