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Investment advice????

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I will be attending the Big Apple Comic Con this weekend. I was looking for some feedback: I have around $300 to spend and wanted to know what Silver/Bronze age books would be the best to purchase if i wanted to get them CGC graded and then put them up on Ebay. I already have a Captain America 100 in VF/NM and an Amazing Spider-Man 24 (Vol. 1) in F/VF (should I bring them to the con to barter towards a Hulk 181?) I am a relatively new collector so any advice is much appreciated

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With $300 it is tough,but hopefully here is some helpful advice.

1) Scour thru the .50 boxes. You would be amazed the gems you can pull. Do not buy anything you don't want to read unless it is selling for 1/20 of Overstreet.By this I mean the book should sell for at least $10 in a .50 box or $20 in a dollar box. and/or

2) Wait till the end of the show,as dealers tend not to want to bring stuff back from the show.If there is an Artist at the show,sometimes dealers stock up on his material and may be willing to sell at a large discount at the end.

3) Big Apple shows are hard to get great deals in as the costs of doing them is fairly high. Dealers are not going to bargain much on smaller purchases until they get a good sense of the flow of things

4) The best investment is in yourself. Find books you will enjoy reading and discussing. Good Luck

All that being said- Silver Age Captain Americas are the way to go!

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