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Amazing  Spider-Man 63

Pulled  upper  staple,   old  tape stains  at staple  FC  and BC,  otherwise  some general  wear, off-white pages.

Asking $10  for  a decent reader  SOLD!


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Doom Patrol 114

Whiff of  spine/stacking roll,   bit of  general  wear,    tight,  glossy,   white pages.

Asking  $15


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Here we go,  last book for  the evening,   and  it's  a fun one. 

All-Flash 2
Full  length  Flash  story,   the longest   GA  DC  story  I've   ever  seen,  and quite possibly  the longest  one  ever.

Touch  of  transverse   spine roll  is the  worst of it,   with  minor  general  wear,  bought  in  Baltimore  2018  just  because  I'd  heard  about  the story  but  
never  had  a  chance  to  read it,.  I paid  too much,  but  it's  a  solid   copy  and I've   enjoyed  owning it.

It was  tagged  at  $1250,   I paid  $1000,  offering it here  for $900



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3 hours ago, catrick339 said:

Doom  Patrol 121  EVERYBODY  DIES!
(Well,  not Robot Man,  but he  was  gone  for  twenty  years or so)

Flat  tight,  square,  and  glossy,   White pages,    Touch of   general  wear,    four spots of  discoloration  along  lower  edge  BC, light  stain?  Touch of foxing?

Asking $50




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Trying something  a bit different for today's first post. 

Milwaukee Journal,  complete   twelve  page  Sunday  Comics  section, March 5,  1933.

This thing is HUGE,  measuring  15-1/2 x 23, bigger than any  modern,  or  even  recent,  newspaper,. 

I can ship it folded,  in  a medium  flat  rate  Priority box  for  $15,  if  I  can figure out  how to  stiffen  the box properly  to   keep  the paper safe.
If  anyone is interested  in  the first  one,   I  can  list   several  more  from  this paper,  plus more  from  1940  with   a  huge   assortment 
of adventure  strips. 

This  one leads  off on page 1  with   full  page Tarzan of the Apes  by  HAL  FOSTER.  That's the only  true  adventure  strip,   Tarzan  really  led  the 
pack  with  this  sort of  thing,   and  in  1933  there wasn't much else out there but  Orphan Annie,  Tracy,  and   Captain Easy. 

Twelve   full  color pages,  but  only   9-1/2  pages of  comics,  the   CF  was   a  game/ story/activity kids  page,   and the last  half page  was  a  
comic strip  ad  four  Lifebuoy  Soap,    warning of the  perils of BO, lol

I have  the ENTIRE  REST  OF  THE  YEAR  THROUGH  DEC 29  all  in  similar  shape,   all  in much  the same format,   much the same  contents, 
If this one sells  I  can   start  taking photos  and listing,   or    cut  a bulk  deal  and figure out how to ship  them. 

List of  strips as follows:

Page 1  Tarzan full page
Page 2 Divot Diggers/Joe Jinks 2/3 page
Page 3 Hairbreadth  Harry  3/4 pageGear Homer
Page 4 Napoleon  full page
Page 5 Hawkshaw the Detective/Caotain and the Kids 2/3 page
Page 6 and 7  Kids  activities
Page 8 Mom and Pop/Freckles and his Friends 3/4 page
Page 9 Little Brother/The Bungle Family 3/4 page
Page 10 Good Deed Dotty/Dixie Dugan 3/4 page
Page 11 The Nut Brothers/Our Boarding House 3/4 page
Page 12 Flapper Fanny  half page/Lifebuoy ad  half page.

I'm posting  the Tarzan  page,   a  close up of the  last panel,   and the Lifebuoy  ad,  have pix of most of the rest if  anyone  wants  them. 

Asking $20,  and remember the freight.
PS  I can probably  bundle   4 or 5  together  in  one   priority  box,   provided there's any  interest. 




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No love for the Sunday Comics  section,  eh?

Well then,   Forward The Funnybooks!

Supersnipe V2 #10

Coupon  clipped out  lower   RH  BC,  old tape  on  spine BC. Otherwise flat,  good gloss,   off-white pages.

A nice  reader for $15



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Amazing Spider-Man 57

Small piece out lower edge BC,  otherwise flat  and tight,   good gloss,  white pages,  Some  genera wear,

Asking $20



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Unknown  St. Johns  3-D  comic,  maybe Whack?  Coverless,   advertises  3D Mighty Mouse and 3D 3 Stooges  last page

EDIT:  Raze  has  kindly  identified  this,   what we  have here is  WHACK   #1  Thanks!

Coverless  complete,  okay  shape.  I'll include   a modern   pair of 3D  glasses

Asking $10


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Amazing Spider-Man 60

Tough  black  cover,   quite  nice  with  a  few  small  breaks  along spine,   tiny  dogear  lower RH FC. 
Bit of general wear,   tight, glossy,  white  pages.

Asking  $40,  comes in the  original  Bedrock City  mylar,  lol  SOLD!  per PM!


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Silver Surfer 14

Surfer vs Spidey!

Flat and tight,   glossy, white pages.  Bit of general wear.

Asking $15  SOLD!


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Supersnipe V3 #5

Flat and tight enough,  but  plenty  of long,  light  dogears FC,  bit of general wear. Couple chips out  BC,   off-white pages

Asking $25



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