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Please grade my Swamp Thing 20

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9.4, miscut cover...
confused-smiley-013.gif I don't see it.
Me neither. yeahok.gif


You don't see the long white line running down the spine on the front cover?? Now that I see the creases on the top back cover I'd give this a 9.0.

Yes, technically your right. I just see so many of them cut like this I tend to accept it as being standard. But you are right it is a miscut. hail.gif

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Yup it's a slight miscut. Also the worst defect I can see is the bottom spine corner, it looks frayed and blunted. 9.0/9.2 Modern


Difficult to read posts when your pictures aren't one over the other. Seems like your continually dragging the large horizontal bar back and forth, not only to see the covers but to read the reply's. Contrast does appear high. Looking at the guys on the back

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