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DFW - April 8th, 1939 -

In this issue, Richard Sale crosses over two of his regular characters, Candid Jones, an insurance photographer [that's him holding the camera on the cover], and Daffy Dill, a reporter, in Death of a Glamor Girl, a novelette. Aside from the fun of a cross-over, the style of the story is fun with radio bulletins, wires and articles peppering the text to move the story forward. The same exact style (albeit with social media posts in lieu of older technology) that has been garnering praises for some recent crime novels … all that's old is new ...


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DFW - May 13th, 1939 -

Cover story by T.T. Flynn, not to be confused with William J. Flynn, the Flynn from "Formerly Flynn's" who was the Director of the Bureau of Investigation in 1919-1921. The Flynn cover story is a tale of vote buying that threatens the safety of the country during this time of New World War.

The Richard Sale story listed on the cover is another Daffy Dill story: The Nutcracker Murders.


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Strange Detective Mysteries, Mar 1943

Here's another Strange Detective Mysteries...this series sure had a lot of great covers!

I absolutely love this invisible man cover.  I've had a low grade copy in my collection as a place-holder for years.  Well, patience has paid off and I finally found a real nice and clean high-grade copy, and boy does it pop!


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