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8 hours ago, detective35 said:

Even though it’s more radio, than pulp the piece below does pertain to “The Shadow”.

Just picked up a cornerstone piece for my Shadow collection!   I think I way, way overpaid for it, but for my collection, I had to have it!

A huge (7.5ft x 3ft) Shadow Blue Coal Radio Banner (circa. 1937).   The banner is made from a heavy nylon/canvas material!

- The 1937 episodes of The Shadow were Sponsored by Blue Coal.

Through research I believe that the banner would have been hung somewhere close to the stage (or behind the actors) in the WOR studios, where the live performances were carried out!

At this time, Orson Welles would’ve played the The Shadow on the radio during these live performances.


It looks fantastic.  It’s hard to believe it’s over 80 years old.  Congratulations and thanks for sharing a photo.  I’ve noticed that it’s possible to buy recordings of the Orson Wells radio show and have been wanting to check them out for some time.  I should get off my butt and do that.

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On 1/14/2021 at 2:03 PM, BB-Gun said:


I have listened to Orson and later versions of the Shadow but didn't notice much difference.  Sometimes the quality of the recording isn't good.  Sometimes the plot is more mystical.  The deep voice of the Shadow was played well by several actors.

The radio shows were much better than the movies but Powell drew some great covers and ads for the comics.


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